A custom dream landscape to bridge your dream life into your waking life. 

The Process:

Schedule a call with Courtney to describe a significant dream in your life. It could be a very simple description, an in depth dream saga or anywhere in between. 

Marcy and Adrian.jpg

Plant Medicine

A custom visionary art piece specific to your own experience with plant medicine.  A visual reminder of your own expansive, healing journey. 

The Process:

Schedule a call with Courtney to describe significant moments, visuals, themes and feelings that you experienced during your trip. Then Courtney allows the rhythmic patterns to flow through into multiple light layers- creating a sacred visual dance of your experience, serving as a window into the truth and healing of your experience. 

Midnight Mountain.jpg

Natal Charts

A painted diagram of the positions of the astrological aspects among the Sun, Moon and planets at the exact time and location of your birth. Courtney’s hand painted natal charts serve as a reminder of your soul’s brilliance. Made to connect, inspire, and light up a space with your visual essence. A perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, weddings, etc! 

The Process:

Provide your name, time and date of birth, location, and an element of the natural world that you feel connected to. Then Courtney allows movement and multiple layers of color to express your Light in your very own visual Universe! 



Courtney Kalinowski