Patterns are an integral part of my work.   I draw from entoptic phenomena- the source of imagery being within the eye itself.  I often experience a series of geometric fractal patterns most commonly characterized as phosphenes, patterns that occur when one’s eyes are closed. I experience phosphenes frequently during meditative states as neon, pastel complex patterns that are in constant motion.  I am interested in what catalyzes this sensory phenomena and how these subconscious visual imprints can be embodied as objects and visual patterns.

  Rhythm, repetition, and symmetry are all considered while I create and arrange shapes. I want to continue to explore the complex subtlety of these properties and their ability to give life to visual patterns. Rhythm regulates the way things function and move; for humans the rhythm of our breath serves as our life force. When our breath is deep, even, and steady it brings our body and mind into harmony.  Much like the movement of our breath, rhythm controls the way our eye interprets patterns and evokes different feelings and emotions within us. As I continue to create visual patterns, my intention is to create a rhythm between shapes that draw people in and evoke a serene, tranquil feeling.