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C Kali (Courtney Kalinowski) is a traveling visionary artist, her mission is to capture numinous experiences to serve as a visual reminder of potent truth. Courtney offers custom natal chart portraits, vivid dream landscapes, and plant medicine paintings.

My mission is to bride the unseen, Universal Love that pervades all; to create images that remind people of their innate, inner brilliance. My journey, my life’s work is to paint the Dream, the Love that I see in the world. My process transforms channeled energy (inspired by the subject) moving out from my heart and into my hands. Patterns and layers are both integral parts of my work. I often experience a series of geometric fractal patterns most commonly characterized as phosphenes, visuals that occur when one’s eyes are closed. I experience phosphenes frequently during meditative states as neon pastel, complex shapes that are in constant motion. I experience waking reality, nature and the dream time as an infinite number of layered patterns, all interacting with each other, creating an environment. I create in layers to represent the multi-faceted/multi-dimensional quality that pervades reality and consciousness.  Much of my work is influenced from various lucid dreaming experiences, spaces, and beings that I continue to explore.

My intention is to create a rhythm and depth between shapes that connect people to a greater power while evoking a sense of serenity and inspiration.


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